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About Us

We offer a range of Human Capital optimization solutions to assist organisations, and business to achieve optimal results through people. We aim to become your trusted partner and advisor in developing a sufficiently agile organisation that are nimble and respond to the current needs and challenges of digitization and COVID19. 

Our approach is based on sound methodology that enables us to partner with you and develop a unique solution that addresses your distinctive business environment.

Through Business Analytics, we assess and evaluate current challenges and identify opportunities. Our Solution Design & Approach ensures we collaboratively craft a solution that is uniquely yours. We get involved and support the Execution & Monitoring of performance during the transition. Sustainability is integrated at every step during the process. 

We can assist with various organisational transformation and change journeys including strategy implementation, process optimizations, organizational restructure, Digital transformations and operational changes.

Mcebisi Consulting is a Level 1 BBBEE Contributor. 

Our Approach

Our approach is to develop custom solutions with our clients. We collaborate with you at all stages from Analytics, to Solution Design and Implementation. This enables us to drive ownership, buy-in and engagement at all stages during the process. The solution belongs to, and is owned by your organisation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the most trusted advisor, partner and provider of effective and efficient change management and best in class training solutions to small, medium and large corporates across industries and sectors in Southern Africa and abroad. 

Our Mission

To provide practical and future-focused change management and human capital solutions for small, medium, and large enterprises whilst developing internal change capability at our clients, both in private and public sectors.

Our Values

Innovation: Provide innovative and customized solutions

Professionalism: Offer professional services that offer returns
Authenticity: Provide an environment for our clients to achieve best results
Integrity: Conduct business with highest level of integrity and honesty always
Value: Having fun while adding value, 

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Our Services
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Organisational Assessments & Surveys

Organisations are constantly changing due to both internal and external factors. Thus, organisational cultures are always evolving especially due to changing generational groups, new technologies, nature of jobs to name a few. 

We offer insights into understanding the culture in the organisation including:

 Culture Climate Organisational

 Employee Turnover Analysis

 Employee Satisfaction

 Employee Engagement

In conjunction with your leadership team, we determine the appropriate assessment tool in line with your desired outcomes and needs. We set up the assessments, gather, analyze and report on the data and provide recommendations. We can also assist to execute the turn-around strategy.

Learning & Development

Learning & Development is a critical function in managing the Human Capital in any organisation. High performance organisations create an organisational culture that is conducive for continuous growth and development. 

To develop organisational capability, we offer SETA accredited learning programmes, which can be customised to meet the specific needs of our clients. These include:

Manage teams during COVID19 and beyond

Effective Change Leadership

Communicating for performance

Solving problems for greater results

Managing Diverse Teams

Optimising team performance

Adequately managing team for optimal business results

Change Management Solutions

To be successful, organisations and businesses need to transform constantly repositioning themselves to stay ahead of competition. Business objectives, strategy, day to day operations are always evolving especially amid the COVID19 pandemic and demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

We offer best in class organisational change management solutions aimed at maximising and speeding up change adoption and minimising resistance. Our offering includes:

Change Readiness Assessments

Change Management Strategy development and execution

Leadership and employee training on change management

Change Adoption Assessments & Sustainability

Our Change Blueprint

How we work with your organisation… Involve, Partner, Collaborate and Support


Interviews,  Surveys, Focus Groups

Identify challenges and opportunities

Validate findings

Develop business case

Shot of a group of programmers working on a computer code at night

Design Workshops, Engagement, Meetings, Partnerships

Design and agree an approach

Develop project plan 

Agree deliverables


Roll-out the plan, Practical Learning &, Training, Coaching

Conduct relevant training

Conduct coaching

Monitor adherence to plan


Compliance audits, Performance, Reviews, Sustainability plans

Compliance audits

Review performance and provide feedback

Develop and agree sustainability plans